Frequently Asked Questions - LoL VO Changer
0) My champ select audio doesn't change, is that normal?
Yes. This is because the champ select audio is not packaged in such a way that allows it to be easily edited. The solution I had in mind for this problem would certainly cause LVOC to no longer be allowed by Riot, were it implemented.
1) So what exactly does LVOC do?
  • Change your in-game audio language to any language that is supported by Riot.
  • Allows you to set different combinations of languages for each champion. Example: you can have Ahri in Korean, while having Xayah in Japanese, while having the announcer in French!
  • Allows you to install your own custom announcer pack.
  • LVOC does NOT download VO from any third parties. All of the files come directly from Riot (except the Chinese ones, which are maintained by me).
2) Why did you change the way LVOC gets the VO files? Why does it no longer use the League Client/patcher?
That part of the old VO change process where you had to wait for the client to patch, then manually click "Continue" (repeated multiple times if you were changing to multiple different VO languages), was extremely confusing to many people, and was overall a terrible user experience. Additionally, with the new League Client, doing that is no longer feasible, as you'd have to download a 3 GB patch (PER LANGUAGE) each time you wanted to change VO (as opposed to 700MB, which are the actual VO files).
The files download as quickly as the League Client anyway (with the peer to peer transfers option disabled).
3) LVOC isn't changing my VO language, or it's changing to the wrong language in-game :( wat do?
In the LVOC "Voice packs" tab, click "Revert changes" followed by "Clear downloaded file cache". Then go to the "Help" tab and hit "Clear local data". Finally, relaunch LVOC.
4) LVOC is stuck at 15% with the message "downloading recent manifests" for more than a couple minutes, what should I do?
Not a common issue, but if you do happen to experience it, you should restart LVOC.
5) I'm getting the "Unable to transfer from ja_JP to en_US" error message. Help!
See item #1.
6) Do I have to run LVOC after every patch?
Only if the patch reverts your voices, you'd probably notice after a game or two.
7) I think I somehow lost my champ select audio, what should I do?
I think this started happening with the League Client update whenever you change the in-game voices, but I'm not sure why. LVOC does not attempt to change champ select audio anymore.
8) [OSX] I'm getting a message on my Mac saying that I should move League to Applications folder, how do I do that?
If the League icon is on your dock, CTRL + click -> options -> Show in Finder. You should now see the League app in your Finder folder, drag the app into "Applications". If your League icon is an Alias, CTRL + click it and hit "Show original" and do the previously mentioned procedure.
9) [OSX] I get a message saying LVOC can't be opened, how do I solve it?
1. Make sure LVOC is extracted from the zip file
2. Ctrl + click the LVOC app and hit "Open"

If that doesn't work, continue with the following:

3. Move the LVOC app to your desktop
4. Open a terminal window (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) and type the following command:

sudo chmod -R 777 ~/Desktop/

5. Hit enter (if your mac user account is password enabled, you'll have to enter the password to complete the command) and try opening it now.
10) [OSX] My League of Legends is in the Application folder, but LVOC can't seem to find files in there, what do I do?
1. Open a terminal window (Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal) and type the following command:

sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/League\ of\

2. Hit enter(if your mac user account is password enabled, you'll have to enter the password to complete the command) and try again.
11) [Oceania] (insert question about vo files not changing/transferring on Oceania)
Go to [Your league folder]/RADS/system and open locale.cfg in notepad or any text editor. Change whatever is in there to locale=en_au and start the LoL patcher to make sure everything's patched before using LVOC.
12) I experienced a bug or issue, how do I request assistance?
Go to the "Help" tab in the app, there is a section that specifies how to do this. Please try not to request support on twitter, it's very difficult to help on there. Only do that if you literally can't even launch LVOC and don't know my e-mail.
13) Why are Korean and Japanese the only languages available to change to for Garena?
Since the Garena client doesn't have a dedicated patching system like other regions, I have to manually compile, upload and host the voice files myself. It is time consuming and tedious, and that's just for one language, imagine all the others. Since I don't generate any revenue from LVOC, I can't justify spending the time to manage those files myself.
14) Are you gonna let me change to the Gangplank announcer?
You can install it under the Custom Announcer tab. (disabled in beta though)
15) Am I gonna get banned for using it?
You shouldn't be. But still, use it at your own risk.
16) I've been trying to contact you via E-mail and/or Twitter, why're you ignoring me?
I'm sorry! I don't mean to ignore anyone, I try my best to answer e-mails that ask for support with the app (helping users with their issues and stuff), which have been.. a lot, and I'm just a single developer providing support for free.
17) Holy moly how can I show my appreciation?
Kind words or the donate link at the top of this page, either one I appreciate. :)